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  • Alpine pearls Bled and Bohinj

    Bled and Bohinj are the two most popular tourist attraction in Slovenia. So we must not miss the alpine landscape where there are situated the two most beautiful lakes of our country.  At the beginning of the tourism in Slovenia this area was known as a healing destination.

  • The mystic slovenian Karst

    What regards diversity of experiences this is surely one of our most interesting tours. The visit of Slovenian Karst is becouse of it's incredible underground and aboveground world really a unique adventure. 

  • The Slovenian Mediterranean – Piran, Krkavče, Koper

    Small but extremely diverse slovenian coast will introduce itselfe in a traditional and modern way. In a tight hug of it's neighburing countries Croatia and Italy still trys to remain pristine and unique.

  • Perfect nature contrasts of the Soča valley

    A valley that is an absolute must see when you are visiting Slovenia is the Soča valley.  Its name derives from the homonymous Soča river, the emerald Alpine Slovenian gem. Soča is the cleanest Slovenian river and one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

  • Škofja Loka and Ljubljana

    A visit of these two towns; Škofja Loka and Ljubljana, which are both located in the centre of Slovenia, always brings about romantic, fabulous feelings.

  • Fantastic active trip to the Soča valley

    Feel the Soča valley on your skin, its adrenaline energy, but still fairytale soul. This most atracctive valley of Slovenia and it's natural heritage is perfect for many adrenaline activity.  

  • Second World War hospital and mercury mine town Idrija

    Take a step in a stunning hidden gorge situated in the Cerkno hills, where the secret illegal Partisan Hospital Franja was operating during the Second World War and continue the journey in an old mining town called Idrija.

  • Rural life in villages of Soča valley

    The Slovenian countryside with its villages offers a fabulous place where everyone will kindly say hello and ask you where do you come from and where do you go. Villages in Tolmin area in Soča Valley are the perfect examples of rural Slovenian life where we meet barefoot children running across vast meadows and people totaly commited to nature with love and respect.

  • Discover the Slovenian Tuscany Goriška Brda

    Vineyards, orchards, small villages and beautiful panoramas that in the good weather offer the view all the way to the sea, these is Goriška brda, a pleasant wine-growing region right next to the Slovenian-Italian border.

  • Pristine villages and people of Goriška region

    We will take you along the side roads through tipical slovenian countryside villages. The trip can evolve in a real fairytale if we are lucky and we meet an old housewife with an apron and a master with a stick.

  • Goriška Brda and Čedad

    On our trips we like to connect Slovenia and Italy and the following connection is just wonderful: Kanal (Soča Valley) - Čedad (Italy,  Friuli Venezia Giulia) - Goriška Brda.

  • Trieste – the Italian capital of coffee

    Trieste is a seaside town with a history that is strongly connected with Slovenia. There is still the Slovenian minority living here with its culture in perfect symbiosis with Italian people. This town shows us a typical city life of Italian people.