Venetian Slovenia and Friulian Plain

Soča valley neighboring with Italian Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto region

True stories of people who were once more attached to the Italian country than their home country. The homeland was still undeveloped and poor, and the proximity of Italy on rare occasions made the house smell of real coffee, and not just a mixture of chicory and barley. These were aromas that our old grandmothers will never forget, and all the stories of the petty pleasures of the modest peasant people will fill and warm your heart with gratitude. Agriculture is still preserved in these places, somewhere as the main elsewhere only a side activity, but always with love and care for nature and the soil. Slovenia is a land of beekeepers and so it is also in the town of Kanal in the Soča Valley, so somewhere along the way we will visit a homestead with a beehive.


  • Kanal ob Soči
  • The Lukčeva house – etnological monument
  • Stunning views on Italian Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto region
  • Etnological collections
  • Countryside
  • Friendly and hospitable local people
  • Excellent local authentic gastronomy



We will start and end our journey in Kanal. In a lovely small place at the beginning of the Soča Valley with a well-known view of the bridge over the Soča River, which is a must-have photo in your portfolio from a trip around Slovenia. On a short walk through the old town square, through the streets, where in the summer months you can see a street exhibition of local artists, you will immediately feel that this is a place with a rich cultural soul. We will step over the famous bridge to the local cheese factory that produces cow’s milk products. Cows graze in a far, pure and unspoiled nature. We may also see an exhibition of hand-made carnival masks, typical of Lig, a near village we will also visit later during our trip.


In the village of Kambreško we will quench our thirst with fresh, good water at the fountain in the middle of the village, and then we will go on certainly the most interesting visit of our trip, to the Lukčeva hiša. Once there was an old store and later a local inn, while today it is a museum and an ethnological monument of local significance. The house has preserved the old fireplace, a separate bread oven, the bar of the old inn, and an ethnological collection in the attic.


Here we will stop at the church of Marija Celje and admire for a moment the beautiful view. Together with Sveta Gora and Stara Gora on the Italian side the church is connected to the path of the three shrines. In this area, special attention is paid to a very important Slovenian custom - carnival. The famous carnival masks and their tradition are preserved by the local ethnological association. Ethnological objects from this area are also kept in the private collection of Franc Jerončič in the village of Melinki, which is not far from Lig.


This is a hidden little village that we simply need to show you. A few gems of old, preserved architecture, real rural peace and interesting breeding of special roosters called Kopun.


The Venetian air is already breathing in this village. It is located right next to the Italian border and the river Idrija, which is its natural border. Here we will stop for a moment and taste local delicacies in a local inn.

Golo brdo, Senik

We will reach the village Golo Brdo  in Goriška Brda on the Slovenian side or across the river Idrija on the Italian side. We will drive towards Kanal passing through the small village of Senik and along the forest road over the Korada mountain. On the mountain, which is like a kind of balcony above Venice, we will admire the whole Friuli, which extends from the Alps to the sea.

Other information

Departure time can be agreed upon based on your wishes. We do reccomend starting at 8.30.

Departure location by agreement. We can pick you up from our local accomdation, meet at our agency in Kanal or other location that suits you.


This is a day trip lasting aprox 8 hours.


  • Organization of the trip
  • Departure and arrival at our agency in Kanal or at your accommodation or by agreement
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional English or Italian speaking guide
  • Bottled water during the trip
  • Visit of the local sights in Kanal Munucipality

Not Included

  • Other eventual entrance fees
  • Food and beverage
  • Tip
  • We usually travel with maximum 3 or 4 guests so we can take our off-road car with which we can drive on all back roads. It is also possible to arrange small groups of max 8 people, by agreement we exceptionally allow larger groups of visitors
  • You can take with you some snacks, but it's not necessary since we are always passing by local inns and other providers
  • We recommend sportswear and footwear, you shoud allso always take a warmer sweater with you.
  • Difficulty: Luight : short walks