Discover the Slovenian Tuscany Goriška Brda

Discover the Slovenian Tuscany Goriška Brda and taste the world-renowned wines

The colourful, lively landscape with a Mediterranean character and intoxicating flavours could easily be called the “Slovenian Tuscany”. We will get to know all the corners of hills and valleys of this region, the energy of the friendly locals and their farms. While visiting the wine cellars, you will get to know the tradition of wine production, which is passed down from generation to generation. Each homestead has its own philosophy of wine production, so we will organize a visit with tasting of two different cellars with different approaches of winemaking. The invaluable knowledge and hard working hands have taken these wines to the world's top quality. However, when we combine a top-quality noble drop with old traditional recipes, we experience a fantastic combination for true gourmets.


  • Driving along side roads through the villages of Goriška Brda
  • Tasting of world-renowned wines of two winemakers
  • Wine cellar visit
  • The countryside
  • Friendly and hospitable locals
  • Excellent local authentic gastronomy



This lovely town at the very entrance to the Soča Valley has an artistic and cultural soul. Its famous view of the bridge over the river Soča and the beautiful old square will surely impress you and remain in your memory of the most beautiful corners of Slovenia.


A visit to the famous stone railway bridge in Solkan will surely amaze you. It has the largest stone arch in the world. With its exceptional construction, it represents the pinnacle of civil engineering, and after a hundred years of its record, no one has broke it to this day.


In Gonjače we will stop at the monument dedicated to the victims of the Second World War and then from the top of the view tower admire the panorama the magnificent Brda hills and the surrounding landscape.


Šmartno is certainly the most picturesque and famous village in Goriška Brda. The village, surrounded by defence walls, which still has 5 preserved defensive towers, on the remains of a Roman bastion. Šmartno is a popular tourist attraction and a kind of heart of Brda, it comes to life most when celebrating St. Martin and the Brda and Wine Festival.

First wine tasting by a local WINEMAKER


Slapnik is a completely deserted Brda village. After World War II most of the villagers emigrated all over the world in the hope of a better life. The village was once the residence of wealthy farmers and this is evidenced by the architecturally interesting motifs and beautiful stone-cutting details of the homesteads.

Kožbanski kot

We will reach the Kožbanjšček valley across a mountain that is like a balcony over Veneto. Here we will take beautiful photos and memories of views of the entire Brda and Friuli. The Kožbanjšček valley is located in the western part of Brda and due to its distance was once closely connected to Italy, to the town of Čedad and Krmin. In the Kožbanjšček valley we will see the natural stone bridge Krčnik.


We will drive through the village of Dobrovo, which is the centre of Brda Municipality and also the centre of the Brda wine-growing area. Here we will stop for a moment at the Renaissance castle.


From Dobrovo our trip will continue to the village of Vipolže, where the most beautiful Renaissance villa in Slovenia awaits us, the Vila Vipolže.

Second wine tasting by a local winemaker

Other information

Departure time can be agreed upon based on your wishes. We do reccomend starting at 8.30.

Departure location by agreement. We can pick you up from our local accomdation, meet at our agency in Kanal or other location that suits you.


This is a day trip lasting aprox 11 hours.


  • Organization of the trip
  • Departure and arrival at our agency in Kanal or at your accommodation or by agreement
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional English or Italian speaking guide
  • Bottled water during the trip
  • Visit of the Goriška Brda highlights
  • Visit of two wine cellars and two wine tastings with snacks

Not included

  • Other eventual entrance fees
  • Food and beverage (lunch, dinner)
  • Tip
  • We usually travel with small groups of max 8 people, by agreement we exceptionally allow larger groups of visitors.
  • You can take with you some snacks, but it's not necessary since we are always passing by local inns and other providers
  • Our day will be long so we suggest you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and always take with you a warmer jacket.
  • Difficulty: Medium– short walk to the top sights of Goriška Brda