The Slovenian Mediterranean – Piran, Krkavče, Koper

The Slovenian Mediterranean – Piran, Krkavče, Koper

The Slovenian coast is embraced on one side by Croatia and by Italy on the other. The life between borders has always been intensively intertwined with its neighbour nations, their cultures and lifestyles. People have always been circulating, cooperating, sharing goods and culture and this hasn't changed at all through history. Because of the Italian minority living in this area, Italian language is also autochthonous here. Albeit small, the entire Slovenian coast is architecturally extremely varied. We will take a look at the little town of Piran, which is completely protected as a cultural and historical monument. From Piran we will continue exploring the coast and its hinterland by stopping in the most authentic Istrian village Krkavče. The complete opposite of this image is the final destination of this trip; the port town Koper will surprise you with its different modern look, scenic promenade and innovative relaxation parks.


  • Piran – a charming little town with narrow streets and Venetian history
  • Koper – port town with an ancient heart but modern surroundings
  • Krkavče – Authentic Istrian House
  • Countryside
  • Friendly and hospitable local people
  • Authentic Istrian cuisine and excellent seafood choices



Piran is a sweet little Mediterranean town on the Slovenian coast. It is the hometown of the famous composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini and the statue on its main square is dedicated to him. The town inspires with small picturesque streets, stunning aromas of local dishes, the smell of the sea and a fascinating town centre. In its architecture you can notice the history of the Venetian Republic and Istrian Province. We can admire fantastic views from the top of the bell tower to the Gulf of Trieste and even the Julian Alps and Triglav. Local fishermen will enchant you with their daily routine and the sound of Istrian melody will accompany you while eating white stockfish, sea bass or gilt-head (sea) bream or "fuzi" and "fritaja"


Krkavče is an interesting typical small village in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria. This picturesque village famous for its stone architecture is one of the oldest villages of Slovenian Istria. Its stone ambience with portals, fireplaces and stone staircases tells its own stories from Istrian history and of traditional farm work. You don't want to miss the Vrešje live museum house, were you can try a real culinary speciality of this area.  A really unique experience and great local hospitality.


Koper is a modern port town. Here you can admire how the old city centre perfectly combines with its modern seaside counterpart. It has a rich history which is kept alive through a bunch of traditional Istrian events, but it also keeps refreshing its offer with modern elements. The city invites you to admire all its cultural heritage in the old part of town and the seaside area with its new modern look. You will surely be fascinated by the brand new innovative green park by the sea.

Other information

Departure time can be agreed upon based on your wishes. We do reccomend starting at 8.30

Departure location by agreement. We can pick you up from your local accomdation, meet at our agency in Kanal or other location that suits you.


This is a day trip lasting aprox 11 hours.


  • Organization of the trip
  • Departure and arrival at our agency in Kanal or at your accommodation or by agreement
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional English or Italian speaking guide
  • Bottled water during the trip
  • Visiting local area highlights
  • Entrance to the Authentic Istrian House Vrešje

Not included

  • Other eventual entrance fees
  • Food and beverage
  • Tip
  • We usually travel with maximum 3 or 4 guests so we can take our off-road car with which we can drive on all back roads. It is also possible to arrange small groups of max 8 people, by agreement we exceptionally allow larger groups of visitors
  • You can take with you some snacks, but it's not necessary since we are always passing by local inns and other providers
  • Our day will be long so we suggest you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and always take with you a warmer jacket
  • Difficulty: Medium – walking through the city, Piran – few stairs