Perfect nature contrasts of the Soča valley

Perfect nature contrasts of the Soča valley and its rich history

Soča is the cleanest Slovenian river and one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, perfect for all adrenaline water activities such as rafting and kayaking. A big part of the valley lies in the Triglav National Park, which is Slovenia's first biosphere reserve that preserves beautiful mountains, hills, forests, hidden waterfalls and gorges. Most of the hills and gorges where we can nowadays hike and enjoy were the location of fierce battles during the First World War. All the key battles happened right here. You will be able to take home beautiful photos of nature that seem like photoshopped, as well as incredible war tales that seem like they came from a book or a film, although they are real. In short – it is going to be incredible. And if we start talking about typical cuisine of this area, we cannot but mention the famous Hiša Franko with its two Michelin stars and one of the best chefs in the world, Ana Roš. The culinary art of this valley is very rich, as the rural tradition perfectly combines with modern cuisine A big influence is represented also by the closeness of Italian culture. Our one-day tour to the Soča valley will start in a sweet little town called Kanal, where you will get your first impressions, then continue up along the valley to Tolmin, where we will have a look at the gorge of Tolmin from the Devil's bridge and then to Kobarid, where you'll be breathtaken by the history of the 1. World War. We'll finish in the most pristine part of the Triglav National Park in Lepena and Trenta.


  • Scenic drive through the Soča valley
  • Kanal – tiny town with artistic soul
  • The Devil's bridge
  • Čadrg – Eco Village
  • Kobarid – First World War
  • Kozjak Waterfall
  • The Soča river gorges
  • Countryside
  • Hospitable local people
  • Excellent local authentic gastronomy



This pretty little town with rich cultural and artistic soul is a perfect starting point to the Soča valley. The beautiful old square and the well-known view of the bridge over the Soča river will surely remain one of your nicest memories of Slovenia.


The most important natural heritage of Tolmin are the Tolmin gorges, which are the southest entrance point to the Triglav National Park. We will go across the Devil's bridge, which stands over the gorges and soon understand why they gave it such a name. On the plateau high over the precipicious gorges there is an eco village called Čadrg, where the pristine aromas and tastes will take you back to the past days. The Javorca memorial church of the Holly Spirit is placed not far away from the Tolmin gorges and it is a reminder of the bitter past of the 1. World War. The church received in 2018 the European Heritage label and it is on the list of particularly important European historical and cultural heritage.


Kobarid is a historical place of international importance because it was the place where the crucial battles of 1. World War took place. The Isonzo front marked this area forever and the Italian charnel house placed over the town, which was built in memory of all fallen Italian soldiers who fought in the Soča valley during World War 1, will leave you breathtaken. Kobarid is rich in natural and cultural heritage. We will set off for a short walk across the Napoleon bridge to reach a well-hidden, yet still accessible Kozjak waterfall.

Lepena and Trenta

The end of this trip is deep in the heart of the Triglav National Park. In Lepena the bravest of you can try an ice cold swim in the crystal clear water of the Great Soča Gorge. The trip couldn't end better than in the Trenta valley; the valley of typical architecture where time stops and its energy benefits our body and spirit.

Other information

Departure time can be agreed upon based on your wishes. We do reccomend starting at 8.30.

Departure location by agreement. We can pick you up from our local accomdation, meet at our agency in Kanal or other location that suits you.


This is a day trip lasting aprox 11 hours.


  • Organization of the trip
  • Departure and arrival at our agency in Kanal or at your accommodation or by agreement
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional English or Italian speaking guide
  • Bottled water during the trip
  • Visiting the Soča Valley highlights
  • Entrance to the Kozjak waterfall

Not included

  • Other eventual entrance fees
  • Food and beverage
  • Tip
  • We usually travel with small groups of max 8 people, by agreement we exceptionally allow larger groups of visitors.
  • You can take with you some snacks, but it's not necessary since we are always passing by local inns and other providers
  • Our day will be long so we suggest you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and always take with you a warmer jacket
  • Difficulty: Medium – short walk to the top sights of Soča Valley, 25-minute easy walk to Kozjak waterfall