Pristine villages and people of Goriška region

Slovenian countryside in it's most pristine way

This are the home places in Soča valley wher everyone knows everybody and you hardly take a short walk passing by the villages since everyone you meet invites you in the cellar to try his special medicinal drink. Places of goodhearth and pristine people wich are droven forward by the hinterland mind and soul with the ancestral tradition but with right measure of modernization. You have to meet this life with all your senses.


  • Kanal ob Soči
  • Etnological collestions and tradition
  • The museum collection of 1.and war
  • The museum of blackshmiting
  • Countryside
  • Friendly and hospitable local people
  • Excellent authentic local gastronomy



We will start and end our journey in Kanal. A special little place at the beginning of Soča valley with a well known view of the bridge over the river Soča. A picture of this bridge is a must have in your portfolio while traveling in Slovenia. On a short walk through old square and tiny streets where you can during summer time admire a street exibition of art of local artist, you will soon feel that this is a town with rich art soul. We will cross the bridge and stop at the local cheese diary wich products are made from milk of cows that live and grazes in a remote, clean nature. If we'll be lucky we'll allso meet and old guy who makes traditional carnival masks known fort his area.


The history of the curch of Marija Snežna it's interesting for many legends of it's making. We'll fascinate you with some misterius stories from the time of it's creation some of them written and some of them  told by our grandfathers.


Tiny little village on the sunny hill, with closely united houses and pristine hinterland soul. On the Jug homestead there are keeping a private colection of war and etnological items. At the neighbours Lukčevi we'll try the best dry meet and salami of our area.


In this vilage the time goes by really slowly. Only few familiees living here but all rich in agricoulture and cattle farming. The cows go for a walk from the barn to the pasture in the morning and in the evening. The locals have always ready a storie about something bizzare and verry funny occassions but that always happend to their neighbur.


Through forest the road takes to Lokovec. In this area 48 buildings are on the list of important kultural heritage. We'll stop at the blacksmith museum and get to know the life of a blacksmith farmer form Lokovec.


A green plateau of extensive meadows, where the basic activity of population is cuttle farming and agricoulture. Endless pastures are the kingdom of cows and horses. And the fact that the cows are reall queens here you understand when you'll enter in a barn of 30 cows and the farmer calls them all by their name. Fascinating. We'll be hosted on the DS Camping farm wich is focused on sport and amatorial horse farming and is in the late years verry well integrating everything with tourist offer.

Kanalski vrh

Befor returning in Kanal our last stop wiull be at Kanalski vrh. Place known by big farms where the change of generations did not ruin but strenghtn the activity and interess of farm keeping. The particularity of this place is the acumulation lake wich was build for electricity generation. The location of the lake is verry interesting and offers nice views of surroundig mountains .

Other information

Departure time can be agreed upon based on your wishes. We do reccomend starting at 8.30.

Departure location by agreement. We can pick you up from your accomdation, meet at our agency in Kanal or other location that suits you.


This is a day trip lasting aprox 7 hours.


  • Organization of the trip
  • Departure and arrival at our agency in Kanal or at your accommodation or by agreement
  • Travelling in comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • Parking fees, local taxes, insurance
  • Professional English or Italian speaking guide
  • Bottled water during the trip
  • Visit of the local sights in Kanal Munucipality

Not included

  • Other eventual entrance fees
  • Food and beverage
  • Tip
  • We usually travel with small groups of max 8 people, by agreement we exceptionally allow larger groups of visitors.
  • You can take with you some snacks, but it's not necessary since we are always passing by local inns and other providers
  • We recommend sportswear and footwear, you shoud allso always take a warmer sweater with you.
  • Difficulty: Light : short walks